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Diana Sumpter, Independent National Sales Director and international motivational speaker, brings more than 30 years of experience leading and mentoring hundreds of thousands of women across the country to change legacies by designing and living out the life of their dreams. Her focus is to shift perception from a negative lens on life to a positive lens.

As an international motivational speaker, she has taught business and life skills in both the United Kingdom and Prague, Czech Republic. Her motivational speeches combine humor and storytelling to teach life lessons to both men and women to both secular and Christian audiences. 


Diana was a recipient of the 2018 Kindle Award spotlighting her achievements as a top-leader and her extraordinary efforts to empower women.


Churches love to have Diana come to train and motivate their high level volunteers with her IGNITE program. This is a program she designed to create a WOW experience while encouraging, equipping and energizing volunteer teams.


Diana has released her first book, "Step Out of the Box, Your Dream Life Is Waiting".
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