Topics for Multi-Cultural Women Audiences

Step Out of the Box and into the Life of Your Dreams

This 20-30 minute presentation shows how women are stuck living a life they were never designed to live. Because of labels placed on them by others,  they have made choices that are not healthy for their career or personal life. Throughout this session we will talk about how to recognize and remove these labels through humor and a closet full of shoes.

This 30-45 minute presentation is designed to enlighten the audience on the power and consequences of their daily choices. To decide which doors to walk through, the Door into the Land of the Lazy, the Door into the Maze of Mediocrity, or the Door into the Elite Life of Excellence. We talk about the mind shift needed to move from living in the trap of "either/or" to the freedom of "and", being able to have the career of your dreams without sacrificing your faith or family. We dig deeper on the powerful small daily decisions and how these small steps change your legacy.

Becoming a Woman of Excellence

Topics for Faith Based Women Audiences

Rejoice, Renew, Restart and Recognize

Living out your life with an attitude of gratitude and learning how to start fresh each day. Learning to leave your past behind while learning the lessons needed to grow your character to match your God ordained vision.

You must be "Fruity" to work with people

This is a humor based lesson on working with all types of people. How the "Fruits of the Spirit" can be applied to today's crazy, busy, disconnected world and how to apply this concept to equipping leaders without a life of drama and chaos.


This is a 2-1/2 hour interactive workshop designed to create a WOW experience at your church. This workshop will teach high level volunteer leaders and staff about encouraging, equipping and energizing their volunteer teams to maximize the guest experience. We cover subjects like conflict management, finding strong volunteers and building team spirit. The main focus of this workshop is to remove distractions so that the door is opened for people to come in and their hearts and minds are open to hear about the love of Christ.

IGNITE Program

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